An English actor/teacher, now settled in the USA. Offering performances, lectures, residencies, workshops, and solo shows, with special expertise and relevance to British literature.

"Your programs are remarkable. We've booked you year after year." - Amanda Roberts, Klondike Elementary, KY

"This college has been so fortunate to have you in residence several times. " - Dr. Judy Byers, Fairmont State University

"You are a wonderful actor" - Ted Pappas, Artistic Director, Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

"Mr. Jerome is a distinguished man of the theatre." - John Russell Brown, University of Michigan.

"I've never forgotten your workshops. They changed my way of teaching." - Larry Rogers, Lumberport Middle, WV

*** Update ***
Roger has decided to limit his activities to the OH/PA areas, hoping that auditions will yield such plums as his recent recording as Charles Willson (sic) Peale for the National Parks Museum, Philadelphia. See him at the touch of a button! With touch of another button, see him as Elkanah Watson at Schuyler State Park, New Albany, NY.
AND, continuing his tenuous claim to Hollywood fame ("The Christmas Spirit", Hallmark, 2013), he just played a doctor in an indy movie from La-La Land - "Blue" - slated to appear in 2018. But, remembering what happened to Cagney, who reached "Top of da world!", he has few illusions anymore. Roger would be glad to hear from you, <>. He's no longer the spring chicken he was but he enjoys contact from past colleagues and potential new ones.
Updated 22 October 2017

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