Roger Jerome: An Audience with Boz

"The Sparkler of Albion, the Inimitable Boz".

Since November 1993, Roger Jerome has performed onstage as Charles Dickens all over the United States, most recently for the Ohio Historical Society and for the Cleveland chapter of the worldwide Dickens Fellowship. He has appeared in colleges, schools, small theatres, retirement homes, historical societies, et al, crafting a variety of formats for his impersonation. The original one was "An Audience With Boz" - a re-creation of the spirit and style of Dickens' own celebrated public readings, if not an accurate reproduction. Dickens would perform for up to 3 hours to huge audiences, before his gaslit curtain, without a microphone. In these days of DVD's and sound-bites, it is difficult to engage an average audience for long with just the spoken word, even words so brilliantly put together as those of Dickens.

Jerome has therefore compiled a number of items, each of a more manageable duration, and venues can select from these in choosing a program most suitable for their patrons, from the following:

If many of these are villainous, it's because the Devil often has the best tunes.

Other Formats