Roger Jerome: The Stranger's Voice

"Once upon a time...."

The oral cultures of pre-literate societies were replete with rich traditions of storytelling and the United Kingdom is no exception. In all corners of the realm there are local myths, legends and tales which represent deep unchanging aspects of their regions.

Roger Jerome presents this program, using his skills in dramatic presentation and in rendering local dialect. Each story is told in its authentic regional accent, giving an authenticity which would otherwise be missed. The program will be a selection of the following:

The overall theme of the program is that of a stranger in a community. Jerome finds that his own English voice makes him a foreigner wherever he travels in the USA and each story uses the tension and interest occasioned by a person who sounds different.

ADDED BONUS - Jerome teaches the audience a number of traditional British songs, e.g. "On Ilkley Moor Bar T'At"; "Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner".

FURTHER BONUS - Jerome demonstrates how the flag of the United Kingdom was built and its strange omissions.

Performed since 1993 in schools, colleges, art centers, theatres, retirement communities and libraries, this program has wide appeal, from five to eighty-five year olds.