Commercials & Voice-Overs

Roger has done a lot of commercial work, both video and sound, in the last 25 years. Press play on the below samples to view/hear his sample works.

Demo Reel (duration 4'11'')

Video Commercials

Fisher Scientific (1’00”) Max and Erma’s (30 secs) Cable Theft (30 secs) Jim Rohr Tribute (20 secs) Fed Ex (1 min) Da Vinci for Carnegie Mellon (30 secs).

Sample audio 1 (duration 1’04”)

Sample audio 2 (duration 1’54”)

Kings Restaurant Go Fish (20 secs.),
Serta (10 secs.), History Channel (10 secs.),
Scrubsponge (15 secs.),
Cincinnati Aquarium (20 secs.),
Kings Restaurant Dessert Wheel (25 secs.).

All enquiries should be made to his agents:

  • Cleveland/Pittsburgh: The Talent Group, Pittsburgh PA
    TEL: 412/471-8011

  • Columbus/Cincinnati/Louisville: Heyman Talent, Columbus OH
    TEL: 614/291-8200