Solo Shows

Available for current touring

Merlin Remembers

Merlin—the magician and seer who still haunts us—brings to life the story of the baby whom he sheltered and tutored, who became the mighty King Arthur. With magic, myth, music and poetry, Merlin enacts the Sword in the Stone and describes the betrayal by Lancelot and Guinevere. With student participants—who are given basic swordfighting moves—he completes the tale with a vivid recreation of the final, tragic Battle of Camlaan. For grades 4-12.

A Dickens of a Christmas

Charles Dickens is closely associated with Christmas. In his own time, he would conduct lively Victorian seasonal parties. Here, we hear a seasonal ghost-story, see Dickens demonstrate his well known skill in conjuring, then all participate in the comical song, “Shiverandshakery.” Full of good cheer and fun and suitable for all ages.

Alice and Company

With the aid of large playing-card versions of Tenniels’ famous character-illustrations, Roger takes a 1st-5th grade audience through Lewis Carroll’s two masterworks about Alice. Quintessentially English, but timeless and universal, Alice’s progress is that of an early feminist hero. The audience is involved throughout: learning how to say “Wonderland,” singing, riddling, sneezing, mirroring, etc. A surprise ending brings us back to where we started—via a journey through language puzzles, subtleties and fun.

Shakespearean Appearances

Roger uses 8 high-school students as co-presenters in this unusual combination of British literature and “Whose line is it Anyway?”. Shakespeare’s constant use of the theme, Appearance and Reality, is illustrated both by key speeches from a variety of plays and by lighthearted improvs. The power of theater is evident at the start, with masks, through to the end, with Hamlet and the players. Shakespeare is revealed as a master of dramatic irony.

The Stranger's Voice

Britain is presented here through songs, flags, but mostly folk tales. These are told, each in a different British dialect, using Roger’s mastery at vocal skills. With the topic of the stranger in a community, we move from Scotland to Wales to Yorkshire to London to Devon and beyond. This show has been performed for all ages, from 5 year olds to retirement communities and several colleges have used it as part of storytelling and folklore study units.

An Audience with Boz

Roger recreates the successful public readings by Charles Dickens, using a facsimile of the famous writer’s table, costume and style. Some of the most celebrated characters in all literature come to life: Oliver Twist, Bill Sikes, Mr. Pickwick, Sam Weller, Uriah Heep, Tiny Tim and Scrooge. A menu of selections allows presenters to create the program they wish. A biographical section detailing the highlights of Dickens’ life is available if required. A program for high schools, colleges and adult audiences.

Dickens in Ohio

Premiered in Cleveland, 2009, this show features the amazing variety of life in Ohio, when Dickens visited the USA in 1842. With nineteen tracks of early American music and ten vignettes of individuals he met, the presentation is replete with snapshots of Ohioan city and country customs and practices. Dickens was not only the world’s most famous living writer but a skilled journalist. Particularly apt for students of the state’s history.